Tuesday, August 10, 2010


DANZKA Vodka is sold worldwide since 1989 and can look back through the production in one of the oldest distilleries in Denmark on 150 years of experience. Meanwhile DANZKA Vodka is among the top 3 of the most successful Scandinavian premium vodka brands and ranked four of the world's best-selling vodka brand in the Duty Free / Travel Value. Since this was the core business first, a unique aluminum bottle has been designed. The metal cylinder was then the advantage that it is lighter than traditional glass bottles and, of course, unbreakable. This DANZKA Vodka is the perfect "travel companion". Today, in addition to these benefits does modern presentation of the bottle a major role. The unique aluminum bottle stands out among all the glass bottles. In addition, Vodka and more often eaten alone and ice, which is another advantage of the metal bottle comes into play: DANZKA Vodka cools faster by far than any vodka in a glass bottle (DANZKA Vodka - made to chill).

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